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I was very fortunate to meet Acharya Rajat ji in India , it is really very difficult to get his appointment . I am working as a DGM in a very Reputed Nationalized Bank. I had some job related problems which I was facing since last 7 years , one Evening I saw Rajat ji on Aastha TV channel. The day I met Rajat ji was the turning point of my life . He suggested me some daan & a very superior quality Gemstones , within 8 months my very tough problem resolved. My entire Family’s wishes are with World Famous Lal Kitab Specialist Rajat Nayar ji. Thanks a Lot to Numerologist & Vaastu Consultant.


Trade union official, Chicago, USA

I am a widow, some 10 years before I took telephonic consultation for my Daughter, She was going on the wrong track , she didn’t listen anything What I used to tell her . Mr Rajat Nayar is the First person in India who Introduced Phone Consultation which was a very new concept then but today every Astrologer has started copying him. He suggested me very simple & affordable remedies for my Daughter. Within 6 months everything started improving , everything is very fine now , she has changed completely . My regards to Bollywood Numerologist Rajatnayar ji.


Electrical engineer, Los Vegas, USA

Thanks a lot to Online Numerologist Rajat Nayar ji. He is Specialized in Hindu Astrology. My Business was not running Properly , He suggested me to change the Colours of my Bill Book, Letter Head, Visiting Cards & I got my Cell Nos also changed according to Astrology, Vastu & Numerology . The results are such Excellent that I had not thought of such a Comfortable & Luxurious Life.Thousand times thanks would be less to Rajat Nayar Sahib ji.


Advertising specialist, Florida, USA

If you are working Hard & not getting Results , have an Astrology Consultation From Astro Numerologist Rajat Nayar ji, You would feel you Are the Luckiest Person who met Rajat Pandit ji as his Astrology study is so deep & his Astrology, Numerology as well as Vastu Remedies are so effective which I have felt that nobody can compete. I took Telephonic consultation from him, I was suffering from acute Diabetes , he Suggested Me an Authentic Gemstone ( Birthstone ) & I got so good results after wearing it that nobody could Imagine.


Charted Accountant , New York,USA

Rajat Nayar is the Only Astrologer in the World who gives very Accurate & Correct Predictions Regarding World Wide Share market. I had heavy losses in Share Market & Commodity Market . I didn’t have even a Single Penny. I was just Going through the Google Search Engine & His name was at the top , so I consulted Him On Phone . He guided me the right way , how to Invest , which time to Invest, Which sector to Invest, on whose Name to Invest, what should be your Bank Account no , Mobile No , How to design my Visiting Card etc .After doing all this I Regained all my losses & I am earning very Respectable & Good amount daily. The whole credit goes to the special customized pendant given by Rajat Nayar ji as well the costly gemstones, given byRajat Nayar ji. Jyotishacharya Rajat Sahib is a very Eminent Astrologer


Share Market Investor , New Jersey, USA

I met Rajat ji in year 2001 , he suggested me to some mantras by Myself & also advised me to wear one Gemstone. I was also recommended one special customized pendant which was made specially for me by Rajat Nayar ji. The effects were really Remarkable. I can’t even think to consult any other Astrologer & Numerologist during my Lifetime. He is the most Genuine Person on earth. I advice every individual To Consult Rajat Pandit ji even if you are not facing any problem. Thanks a lot to Jyotishacharya & Top Most Vaastu Consultant Rajat Nayar ji.


Dress Designer , New Jersey , USA

Mr Rajat Nayar made a mark in the field of Occult Sciences & Fortune Telling. Thanks a lot to Bollywood Astrology Consultant Rajat Nayar ji. I met Him in Mumbai, 10 years before , I blindly go by his advice & I am also Making Huge Profits as Certified Interior Decorator . World Famous Jyotish Guru , Rajat Nayar ji is the Most Trusted Online Astrologer in India as well as the World. He has very Exclusive Knowledge of the subject of Vaastu Shastra , he always suggests perfect Vaastu Tips which are very helpful for all viewers. I am a great admirer of his Vaastu Consultancy Services.


CFA , US Financiers & House Builder , California, USA

Thanks a lot to Jyotish Guru Consultant Rajat Nayar ji. Which you provide me remedies for my business it is extremely benefited for my business. You are the best for me, my family and my business, we also follow your instructions.


Advisor NASDAQ Markets, New Jersey, United States Of America, USA

Thanks a lot to Pronology Consultant Rajat Nayar ji . Mr Rajat Nayar is the Cricket Players’ Personal Numerology Consultant In Mumbai. Your Remedies would Contribute Greatly to the General Welfare of Mankind.


Consultant International Mutual Funds , USA

Thanks a lot to Vedic Numerologists Rajat Nayar ji. He is an asset to the Doctors worldwide because if the Hospitals are according to Vaastu Principles, Patients would be Cured Early, this way he is Serving the World. I take regular Phone in live consultations from Jyotish Guru ji & have got Excellent results after performing his Gemstones, Gems, Birthstones , Lal Kitab Kundli Upay, Jyotish Remedies.


Brain Tumor Specialist , USA



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